The Winooski School District’s almost-completed $62 million school expansion project has been in the news for being behind schedule and incurring rising costs. What is likely unknown to the city’s residents and most Winooski school officials is the project’s use of over $400,000 worth of incarcerated labor, worth millions in real labor costs, on average making less than $1 an hour.

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Senator Pat Leahy with Vermont National Guard members in Washington, DC in January 2021.

Senator Patrick Leahy’s announcement that he would not seek re-election in 2022 has unsurprisingly led to plenty of media attention on his career, which spanned six decades. Litigating a politician’s legacy is always en vogue, and recently both the Burlington Free Press and The Intercept took to praising Leahy’s human rights record. Despite some meaningful stances regarding global human rights, both pieces omit the senator’s actions in expanding the national security state and U.S. global military hegemony.

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